Kevin Smith sighting...

I met Kevin Smith last night while eating dinner with coworkers and clients in Pittsburgh. Read all about it on Peter Wilt's blog!



Ah well...unlike 1984 I am not choking back tears with a half-eaten english muffin pizza on my lap while I watched 'Fridge' Perry roll across the defensive line and into the end zone. I am also not experiencing that sinking feeling of complete and utter failure like when Bill Buckner hammered the last nail into the coffin of 1986...a moment I will always refer to as the 'play heard round the league'.

There was, very likely, a moment of complete and utter silence across the entire metro Boston area tonight...at least the 30 people in my house fell completely silent for a good 30 seconds while they tried to understand how this was happening late in the fourth quarter...how could this be?

This kind of disapointment is like an old, well worn article of clothing...when you slip it back on after a couple of years in the closet it feels just right. No matter what...it was an amazing season. My friends and I watched 18 of the 19 games in my living room this year...only interrupting the flow once because I was stuck in Baltimore on business. I woke up at 5 AM that day to drive back to Boston just in time for kick off at Eric's house.

Sure, this is probably now the biggest choke in football history...but I wouldn't trade this season for any sports series in my lifetime. My friends and I are tighter than ever. Thank you 2007 NE Patriots!!