BetaCat finally has a sidekick. Her name is Cleo, she came from a cat in NH who was recently rescued and turned out to be pregnant.

Cleo has a couple of health problems you would expect to see in a kitten born to a stray...slightly inconvenient but correctable. Once these issues are resolved, I am hoping they become good friends. In spite of her difficulties, Cleo is every bit as hungry and playful as any I have seen!

My last day at the current job is this Friday. Then I am taking a week off to relax and prepare for my new career. So much is happening right now...I haven't really had much time to think! I am also picking up my other new toy next week...a Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic. I need to register and insure the bike and get a new helmet.

Which reminds me, time to call the insurance agent.



Big career changes are coming in my life again. I'm not ready to talk about them too much yet, but I am so inundated with planning, negotiations and maneuvers...I can barely think about anything else.

I can say, the most difficult phase is over. Now it's just time to wait a couple of weeks for my decisions to materialize.

Meanwhile, I was just wondering...Is it time we stopped using the term Web 2.0?