Done and done...

I set up http://www.jakedimare.com and it will be the home to all my blogging, henceforth.



I thought it would be fun to redesign my personal blog for 2010. At this point is looks like I will be redesigning it twice or three times...I just can't get it right.

For one thing, it may be time to pull the trigger and register my own domain name. Then I can download a real blog engine and ditch the constraints of blogger. I like the features of blogger a lot but from a design perspective, not so much. I am unhappy with the toolbar at the top and I can't seem to get the layout to work the way I want it to...though this could be a result of my own intellectual limitations.

The other thing I am getting ready to do is change the theme altogether. I have gotten quite a bit of mileage out of this weird snapshot I took of Boston one winter morning in 2006. It is a cool image...except for a light pole right in the middle. I have tried to Photoshop it out before. I know how...but I just don't have the time to do it right. I use it for my twitter background so I am at least consistent in my 'brand' but I am just getting tired of it.


One of the designers at the office just turned me on to this. For fans of remixing/mashups and Radiohead...


Well worth the price tag (FREE)...but I would have paid for it...