I arrived in Des Moines today, where I will be working until Sunday. My client got me a really nice room and the weather is beautiful.

It seems perfect...my rental is a Chevy Malibu. Everything feels really American out here. The roads are all perfectly straight like Phoenix. The sky is huge...there is literally a corn field across the street from my hotel which is brand new.

I am representing one of our clients at the Iowa State Fair. I was told it was the biggest in the country but nothing could actually prepare me for the size of this operation. The fair grounds have their own police force...

The building I will be working in seems like it is surrounded by a square mile of junk food...Fried anything & everything, Bunt Cakes, Cotton Candy, Hot Dogs, ice cream...You name it. It's going to be difficult to stay aligned with my new ideals on food consumption come lunch time tomorrow!