In our nation's capitol...

I am on a pretty fun assignment this week filming interviews with various members of the cable TV industry in Washington D.C. My room is on the 9th floor of the Sheraton National and from my window I can clearly see the Capitol, Washington Monument, Air Force memorial, Pentagon and part of Arlington Cemetery.

Interestingly, directly outside my hotel seems to literally be a small neighborhood with inhabitants of very limited means, tucked between the cemetery, Route 395 and the Pentagon. I guess what they say is true, you need not travel very far in D.C. to find poverty.

I was able to visit a good old friend last night, he is stationed here in the Capitol with the US Army. He grilled us up some steaks last night and we caught up. I have one more day of work here and then I am back to Boston for a couple weeks without travel.



What to say, what to say?

I am in the middle of an incredibly challening but rewarding project at work. Another once in a lifetime opportunity...I am having a lot of those lately. Although my decision to rejoin and old coworker at his new business has meant a life of long hours and high stress...it has some very big rewards.

We learned today we are advancing to the next round on potential project which will change our lives if we land it. It was incredibly well received news at the office. There is a party tomorrow to recognize us for our hard work on the project I am handling right now. Should be a nice day...

When I was in High School, if someone told me I was going to have a succesful career in sports advertising and marketing...I am sure I would have laughed pretty damn hard.