So Fresh and So Clean

Another succesful Sunday at the 394 has come and gone. I seems kind of crazy but I really enjoy cooking dinner and serving it to my friends...the closest of whom are truly more family than friends. Feeding my family gives me so much more than it gives them.

The physical act of cooking is also very rewarding to me for a number of other reasons. I get a great deal of satisfaction from the sheer sense of home which is created by the smells and memories of my Grand Mother teaching me to cook as a boy. I also love to get better at things and I find cooking something which I can improve at continuously. Oh, and there is the rewarding feeling I get when someone enjoys my food...

I bought some new sheets and matching towels for the bathroom and kitchen. It is official, I believe, my favorite color seems to be an earthly, light green. Sage perhaps?

New sheets make me so happy...especially flannel ones.

In the process of cleaning my house yesterday I was able to harvest over $100.00 in change from my desk drawer and other areas...amazing. It was quickly spent on groceries and other necesities.

I am getting some skill taking care of myself in my old age.

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