Process Deliverables

By: Jake DiMare

I think I am going to do a series of posts which deal specifically with the process and the various deliverables I use to successfully Shepard all the various stakeholders through a typical project life cycle. I believe this exercise will allow me to think more deeply about my craft and perhaps get a better sense of perspective. This deepened understanding can only serve to make me a more effective project manager.

For the uninitiated, process and deliverables are terms which are very meaningful in the world of project management. A process is basically a map of the steps it takes to complete a project. Deliverables, meetings and milestones are all terms used to describe the actual steps taken.

Today I walk through a process on most software projects which was taught to me by some very brilliant folks at a previous employer. I take each step blindly without thinking too much about what it means because I know it works. I have thought a little about how it works but the simple answer in today's busy market is: "it works fine". Great...this is true...but I am sure I could do a better job. So, at some point...very soon I will begin. I may pick a day a week and dedicate myself to analyzing some aspect of the process and the process as a whole.

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