In love with NIN all over again...

I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Nine Inch Nails show in Manchester NH last weekend. It was an amazing show...The music is, in a word, amazing and the lighting and effects were visually stunning. On stage there were three of these screens that were up or down at different points. They seemed to be flexible, semi-transparent LED screens. The effect was incredibly powerful.

The music was a solid combination of NIN hits from across the entire body of work. I don't think there was a single song I didn't love to hear.

A really nice surprise was how enjoyable the Manchester Verizon Center was for the show. I felt safe and comfortable throughout the event...which is becoming important in my old age. ;) Although it was a long drive the venue was great and I will go back again for my favorite acts. So far I have seen NIN and Tool there and both shows were great.

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