Santa Clause Online

I realized today I have been so busy I have forgotten to send Santa my list this year. Sad really, too busy to be selfish. In an open letter to Santa I would like to ask for the following items:

1. Protect our troops
2. Slow inflation
3. Open credit markets back up
4. Stop the failing car company 'bailout' money pit from passing
5. End hunger
7. I'll take an Audi A6

Not much to ask.

Apparently Santa has a pretty good SEO strategy worked out because it is not very difficult to find him online. Santa gets great natural search results through Google, the only search engine as far as I am concerned.

What I found was interesting is this: although Santa has quite a few registered domains it appears as though his web developer elves have yet to conceive the most basic feature, a way for me to submit my wish list online.

The following sites, though cute, do not seem to have any way to contact Santa directly!


However, Macy's does offer some branded 'Santa Letter' stationary you can download, print and bring to Macy's. They'll handle mailing it for you.

If I owned one of these sites, which must receive great traffic, I would probably want to build a little application that allows kids to build their list and then submit it to mommy and daddy via email. By forming an affiliate marketing partnership with one of the major retailers the email to the parents could also contain links to the products online for purchase. Just a thought...

Happy Holidays,


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Anonymous said...

wait...why would it send the list to there parents??? what about santa clause??? :)