BetaCat finally has a sidekick. Her name is Cleo, she came from a cat in NH who was recently rescued and turned out to be pregnant.

Cleo has a couple of health problems you would expect to see in a kitten born to a stray...slightly inconvenient but correctable. Once these issues are resolved, I am hoping they become good friends. In spite of her difficulties, Cleo is every bit as hungry and playful as any I have seen!

My last day at the current job is this Friday. Then I am taking a week off to relax and prepare for my new career. So much is happening right now...I haven't really had much time to think! I am also picking up my other new toy next week...a Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic. I need to register and insure the bike and get a new helmet.

Which reminds me, time to call the insurance agent.

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