64 Bits

I finally got my new PC today. It is definitely screaming fast. At one point I actually had it installing multiple applications simultaneously. Sadly, the day was not without disappointments. The upgraded, 22 inch Dell flat panel monitor has a problem and flickers when there are shades of gray on the screen and I have to wait a few days for my MSDN subscription to go through. Microsoft just can't help themselves...Everything has to be a pain in the @ss!

The classic moment was when Windows Vista asked if it was OK to trust Microsoft.

I learned about a bunch of new business initiatives I am going to be involved in. I can not disclose much information about our clients but I will say I am going to have an opportunity to work on projects for television networks and shows everyone has heard of and I, personally, love.

Life is good! It would be better if the sun came out...so I could take the bike for a ride...but life is still good.

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