On Information Architecture...

Earlier in my career, when I first made the switch from web developer to producer, I found myself needing to see the database schema before I could make any further decisions. Overtime I discovered my role as a producer and I learned and began to respect a process for getting through a web site project. Before long, I stopped envisioning normalized data structures and SQL queries.

But, I have recently started thinking about the information in a very stark way again. It's the wire framing process during the architectural phase...And how clients look at the information and immediately start taking positions on where something is or how much relative weight it has on the page. I find myself day dreaming about some other way to get through this part of the process and I land on something more like a diagram of the actual data objects than a wire frame interface.

Perhaps this is a logical interim step? I am not one to go adding unnecessary work but I have seen so many review meetings derailed because it is difficult for the client to separate defining what the elements on the page will be vs. how the pages will look and/or function.

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