Looking out...

The viral video chart this week has a new entry...with a bunch of babies on roller skates. I am not one to argue with results but my reaction to this commercial was adverse. The new Microsoft browser bit was pretty bad too. I am not afraid of vomit but somehow it just seems too far from Microsoft's identity to be real. I honestly wondered if it was an attack the first time I watched it.

While I am being negative, I truly wish that Cadbury eyebrow dance would just go away. That is the creepiest.

On the positive side, the Xbox project natal thing is really exciting. Looks like I am going to have a 'Minority Report-like' interface to my entertainment system in the next year or so.

I also continue to be impressed with how much more Chik-Fil-A does with so much less. Their approach does require lots of one important thing: creativity. While campy, their latest guerilla-like tactic is fun and it is getting results. Check it.

Have a good weekend. I am totally wiped out after visiting with marketing executives at three different cable TV stations in D.C. Yesterday.

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