Quiet nights...

I have been meaning to talk about my experience last weekend. I went to a bonfire in Amherst Massachusetts. It was great. Jackie had never done the whole pan-mass on route 9 and I was feeling energetic and I am a huge fan of being away from the city so I decided to take the slow road.

There's lots of stars in the sky. A lot more than I can see from the city. As we drove home I kept looking up through the open moon roof (at stop lights of course). I suddenly remembered a time when I was a teenager and my buddy's father brought us on a sailboat trip to Maine. There was a clear night when I laid back on a rock on the top of a hill on Damariscove Island in Boothbay Harbor and looked up at the sky for quite some time. There's even more starts visible there.

I like stars. The idea there is a flaming ball of hydrogen fusion 7 light seconds away is really impressive to me. The universe in general fascinates me immensely. I am really looking forward to my next trip outside the city so I can get a good look up there and think about the vastness of space. It comforts me, to think we are so small and insignificant. I am not sure why, but it does.

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