What to say? Life is good. I found a couple of interesting web sites today:

(warning...seriously dorky content ahead)


Fall is slowly settling into New England. I noticed the first leaves turning in the trees on my way to work this morning. It was a pleasant reminder of the juxtaposition of change and the constant effect of gravity as the earth slowly circles the sun.

My new favorite term is Singularity, which refers to the technical, not the gravitational...a theoretical point in the future where super intelligent technology will explode in an orgasm of accelerating change and exponential advances. Take that Luddites! In yo face!

Given Moore's Law, there will come a time when a computer will be more intelligent than a human. In fact, it is probably going to be in the next 20 years. Just today a coworker and I were waxing nostalgic while he installed a 16 terabyte (wicked big) hard drive array to augment the 42 we already have for our media server. This all fit on a half of a single rack mount. 10 years ago a single terabyte required an 8' tall silo with a robot arm and a climate controlled environment. Oh, and it cost 6 figures...only nuclear labs and defense contractors owned them.

I hope the robots like us.

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