Rube Goldberg

Isn't it funny where the imagination can take you? In some strangely complex series of machinations my brain led me from hearing the name Rube Goldberg Machine last week to finding this video this morning: http://www.boardsmag.com/screeningroom/commercials/581/

The thing is, I hadn't thought about Rube Goldberg once all weekend. Then suddenly this morning as I poured my coffee *poof* it was back in my conscious thoughts.

By the way, it was used on some talk show last week in reference to the American health care system. Seems pretty fitting...as in, the United States health care industry is a Rube Goldberg machine...in other words a ridiculously complex, convoluted way to accomplish a simple task.

This statement would be true if the health care industry was simply all about keeping people healthy. Sadly, it is not. The health care industry is about lining the pockets of share holders...and it is very successful.

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