Down with the sickness...

I had to get up and write something, anything. I have been really sick for about a week but I think things are improving now. Today was my first day back at work all week so naturally there were a lot of emails to read. Not as many as one would expect though. I think the number of fresh messages in my inbox at any given moment is a solid indicator of the strength of the economy. But, the work keeps coming ...there is no shortage of things to do from my perspective.

After getting caught up I turned my attention to research. I need to answer lingering questions about how we are going to develop integrated, interactive maps and automatically translate web pages to foreign languages in real time. The results of my research would be going into a deliverable I call the 'Technical Specification' which, aptly, specify all the technical aspects of the site.

Naturally, I turned to Google. In this case however, Google is not the search engine I am going to use to find the answers I seek. In this case Google itself, in all of its wonder, is going to provide the solution to not one, but two complex technical challenges. It is going to make executing the development of each easy...And it is going to be free.

I just couldn't help but have a quiet little nerdgasm in my office when I discovered the hidden hamlet in Google's empire called 'Google Code'. I know this is old news for many developers and engineers...but it was all new for me. Of particular interest is the new 'interactive API playground' which allows you to edit code for most if not all of the popular API's and see the results immediately.

Freakin' awesome.

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