Mobile decisions...

I am a Palm Treo guy. Last week I almost succumbed to the pressure of being left out of so many conversations with the boys, happening on Blackberry's messenger service. As if the 43,237 other ways we all communicate every day isn't enough. Mobile chat is a really good idea though, I am surprised it is not more prevalent.

At the Sprint store I explained my dilemma and other, more legitimate requirements...Like accessing my work email and calendar. The rep explained I would have to pay an extra $20, on top of the $100 a month I currently pay to have the 'simply everything' plan in order to access an Exchange server. This was simply more than I could stand. I guess 'simply everything' means everything except accessing your email, synchronizing your calendar, contacts, tasks and files.

So, there will be no change to Blackberry for me. But, as a consolation prize I learned about the coming of the Palm Pre. I must say, I am getting more and more excited about holding out. I have never liked the Blackberry handset anyways...It feels cheap Besides, chatting and giggling with the boys when we are in the same room reminds me of something teenage girls might do in the cafeteria at lunch. ;)

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Anonymous said...

AH I am so glad you didn't go for the crackberry. I love palm (as you know). I am counting down the days till the pre comes out. I went to the sprint store the other day and then said march. The pre I think is way more aesthetically pleasing than anything on the market right now. though I do love my centro.

Palm people are different. I think we are more calm.