White House Technology Agenda...

It is interesting to see the new technology agenda posted on the White House web site. Right up at the top of the agenda is the Internet and at the top of the Internet agenda is network neutrality. This is very positive news for anyone who would like access to the World Wide Web to remain unfettered.

What this means is the Executive Branch of the Federal Government has established policy which is opposed to broadband provider's plans to impose restrictions on content, block applications and throttle bandwidth in order to increase their profits with self-serving schemes like tiered service models and eliminating competition in software markets like Apple's 'iPhone - App Store' trickery.

This matter, currently regulated by the FCC, has been the focus of much heated debate. Interestingly, the Telecommunications and Cable-communications industries claim they never planned any such tactics...Yet they are vociferously opposed to net-neutrality standards meant to protect their consumers long-term. I can't imagine any reason why they would waste money and resources lobbying against something they have no financial interest in.

Since it is widely accepted the United States entered the Information Age in 1990, it is also good to see the nation will finally have a Chief Technology Officer. Because of the intrinsically egalitarian nature of the Internet, access to the power of information technology is certainly not limited to those who would do good. Learning there will now be a person at the top of our government who understands what 'The Google" is and how to use it, is pretty comforting news.

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