Today I finally broke down and installed Adobe Air on one of my machines so I could get a closer look at some new RIA stuff. It wasn't until later I noticed the banal fact RIA and AIR are palindromes.

The first application I set up is pretty cool. It's called AlertThingy and it basically allows me to aggregate various sources of information in one app. I quickly set up a feed of my friend's Facebook status updates, my twitter feed and a couple of news feeds.

The application also throws up desktop alerts when updated feeds come through. I can filter the results but it is not smart enough to see the identical feeds coming from Twitter and Facebook, which I thought was interesting. I can also update my stuff through the application.

One more way to observe life. I think the benefit to using this type of application for the status stuff is I see all of them...instead of the top 3 or 4 the moment I happen to look at my Facebook page.

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