Rare resentment...

I ended up completely disassembling my macbook because there was a cd
stuck inside due to a mechanical problem. It was the most difficult
hardware job I have ever done. There's no nice way to say it...the
drive on this machine sucks. The design belies a complete absence of
common sense and practicality.

First of all, a cdrom drive shouldn't eat cd's after 3 years of
service. Fact. Second, a drive shouldn't be designed in such a way as
to put 'cool' before functional. Finally, one should not have to
literally pull the machine apart around an interchangeable device in
order to extract it.

Anyhow, I was able to put the machine back together and it lives on,
minus the cdrom drive. There were quite a few extra parts but they
seem to be useless...nothing about the computer is different although
I have a solo cup containing 24 screws, a dustcover, three bushings
and a couple of springs. (no kidding!)

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