Man, I really, really hope the sun outside lasts. Tomorrow is April 1st which is the day my jogging season starts up again...and no that is not an April Fool's joke. I hate treadmills and I hate jogging in the freezing cold so I take December through March off. Sub-zero temperatures just take the spring out of my step.

I think this year I am going to start right out with a 4.5 miles course 3x a week again. We'll see how that feels. I'm long past concern about being a muscle man. I'd really like to avoid becoming my father...he is my height and walks around at about three bills. I'd also like to prevent heart disease and live a long, healthy life.

Things remain tremendously busy in the world of interactive development. I am following up on some very meaningful leads right now and it is giving me an early idea of what might be possible if I more actively pursue new business opportunities.

Life is good. The sun is out.

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