Today began with a lesson in a primitive method for hunting large game animals in the wooded areas of the Northeast United States and ended with a lesson in use of the rgbA color attribute in CSS3. The former lesson was courtesy of my buddy Josh Benton, who you should get to know...if you don't. The second lesson was courtesy of 24ways.org

As far as the hunting technique, it was ostensibly simple: One guy waits in a spot quietly with his SOS while the other guy ranges out on foot and 'pushes' the animals back towards the shooter. Since I am the less experienced hunter I get to do the pushing...which is fine. I am a big believer in paying your dues.

The difficulty lies in the landscape. In order to be effective the pusher needs to dislodge the deer from their hiding places in a combination of dense scrub pine, tangled under brush and briers. If you are the kind of guy who is easily freaked out by getting dirty or doesn't enjoy walking around in the cold before the sun comes up...You are not going to enjoy hunting. It is a lot less glamorous then it is made out to be on TV but it is also a lot more fun and interactive.

There were no deer this morning. That's OK though, with tagging limits we don't want the fun to end too early in the season anyways.

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